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2009-11-13 23:21 Wolf
Crashes with D2009

With D2009 and CnWizard I mostly get a crash when I close a project (File + Close All).

I now figured out that it only happens when I enable "Use lines" in "Source Highlight Settings". And then it happens only when I use "Immediately" or "Delay for". It never happens when I use "Only show when Hotkey" or if I completely disable this feature.

I hope you can reproduce this thing. Please let me know if I can provide anything else.

2011-5-5 11:47 kallyroom
good posting

2011-9-3 18:55 white_nigger
I use Delphi XE and I can confirm the bug. I get it every time when I have several opened files with
code-highlight (drawing block lines) and try to close them via "Close All". I've changed the code to avoid this AV. I've sent it to May be they will include this codefix.

2011-9-4 11:56 Passion
We received white_nigger's modification patch and seems works, but we're not sure whether it will brings other additional problem.
We'll integrate it for testing.

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