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2009-9-20 15:36 swierzbicki
DDevExtension & CnWizards issue


I've found an issue when installing CnWizard alongside with DDevExtension 2.0 : the Zoom future doesn't work anymore. Pages are vanishing after double clicking on their Tab ! This feature is working again after unisntalling CnWizard. Could you please have a look ?

You can find the current [url=][b][color=#1957e6]IDE Fix Pack 2.8dev2 development snapshot[/color][/b][/url] here

Thank you in advance,



2009-10-1 16:52 swierzbicki
Nobody is using DDevExtension here ? :L

2009-11-11 15:18 zjy
You may try:

1. Click Menu "CnPack" | "IDE Enhancements Settings" | "Editor Enhancements"
2. Click "Tabset / Button" Page.
3. Uncheck "Close Page by Double-click" checkbox.
4. Click "OK" button.

2009-11-13 22:50 swierzbicki
Reply #3 zjy's post

Thank you ! This is well working now :D

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