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2009-9-13 18:31 ahmoy
nick hodges didn't know about cnpack!!!

conversation taken from embarcadeo forum...

>didier Gasser-Morlay wrote:
>there are features in a lesser-known tool called CnPack which are

>>Nick Hodges wrote:
>>I'll do a survey for them, too.
>>Is there a Point of Contact for them? Is there a list of all their

>>>Uwe Schuster
>>>They recently became a TP - see

2009-9-13 22:55 Passion
Oh. We became TP just some days ago. Maybe Nick don't know that. :lol

2009-9-14 10:43 ahmoy
sounds a bit weird though since delphi product manager didn't know anything about a very good tool (kudos to you all) uses by so many delphi programmers out there!!!

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