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2009-8-7 20:55 moelski
CnDebugViewer on Vista / Win2k8 won?t work !

Hello !

I think cnDebug is a great enhancement for some of my projects. But today I figured out that cnDebugViewer won?t work if you use Vista or windows 2008 (Server). And I think it won?t work on Windows 7, too. :mad:

So do you know about this bug and did you try to get it working, soon?

Hope on any information.

Best regards

2009-8-13 04:21 moelski
Hi !

No one has an idea about this problem ? :o


2009-8-13 12:56 Passion
What problem does it show?
Could you try to run it in Administrator?
Or disable DEP(data execution protection)?

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