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2009-7-29 04:04 wruemmelein
Possible Memory leak

At my PCs at home and at work the memory consumption with cnWizards of delphi 5 grows permanently also without work with delphi.
Without cnWizards, there is no growth.

OS: Windows XP Pro 32 at work and Vista Home Premium 64.
I am using the tools
conexprt (Delphi),
DelForEx5 (automatic syntax correction),
DebugFix.dll (debugging dlls without problemes),
GExpertsD5 and
Tested Versions: 5.32, 5.30, 5.29 with the same behavior.
Do you have any suggestions?

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2009-7-29 09:59 zjy
Thank you for your report!

But we can't reproduce this problem.
Would you help us to test it using debug version?

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