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2009-7-23 17:17 Sweet
[D2009] Form design wizard & Float toolbar

Hi !

I've got a pb since I installed D2009 : I can't see to Float Toolbar for Form design wizard.

My CnPack version is build 2009.06.30

The form deisng wizard is activated...but if I go to "CnPack" menu -> "Form Design Wizard" -> "More", then "Float toolbar options" is disabled...

Thank you very much in advance if you have any idea...


2009-7-26 09:28 Passion
Sorry. The float toolbar does not support BDS's embedded VCL Designer. It only can support the traditional designer.

You can set IDE's option to traditional designer in "Tools, Options, VCL Designer, Embedded Designer" checkbox.

2009-7-28 14:35 Sweet
Well thank you, now I can see the float toolbar.

But I have a new question : now that I've activated the float toolbar, when I press F12 to toggle source <-> form, it doesn't work...
More : the form stays always in the front...I have to minimize it to hide it...
It's then since I have activated the cnpack float toolbar...

Can you help me ?

Many thanks in advance,

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