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2009-7-9 01:20 PAB
Open form AND unit


Since build 511, my C++Builder 6 Pro "forgets" to load the unit when opening a form/datamodule.
I have to select the form and press F12 to open its unit in the sourceeditor.

I tested various releases of CnWizards and it seems, this behaviour was introduced in build 511.

Can you please fix this bug or add an option to disable this if it's a feature?


2009-7-9 10:28 Passion
Thanks for your report. It's a bug.
We'll correct it in next nightly build version 526.

2009-7-9 20:45 Passion
Please try our latest nightly build It fixed this problem.




2009-7-9 23:39 PAB

526 fixes the bug when opening from unitlist. But it seems theres still a problem with opening forms via "File|Open...".

Greets PAB

2009-7-10 08:46 Passion
Could you describe it more detailed?
Seems "File | Open" does not belong to CnWizards' function?

2009-7-10 18:36 PAB

you're right, that's the original behaviour made by borland.
Kind of weird, but normal.

Sorry for my false alarm and thanks for your work on this great addon.
It gives a lot of comfort to that oldtimer named BCB 6.

Issue fixed.


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