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2014-8-9 13:28 thetoolwiz
Form Designer Enhancements question

I just installed CnPack into XE5.

It has option for "Form Designer Enhancements". When I click it, I get error dialog saying: "Only VCL Embedded Designer Supported"

What does that mean?

I am working in Delphi XE5.2 with everything "embedded" just as it comes from the factory.

I am working on a VCL project, not FMX.

What is this complaining about?

2014-8-13 09:10 Passion
:L This error message is wrong. We means "Embedded Designer NOT supported."

Our Enhancement only can work when Designer is floating, which can be set at IDE's options dialog.

2014-8-13 09:10 Passion
We'll fix this message error in next version.

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