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2009-5-6 23:05 cLuBbY
Delphi 2005 freeze

I added CnWizards IDE Wizards to my Delphi 2005 (latest updates, Windows XP sp3...) i have allso GExperts but i have problem with freezing after using CnWizards.
When i write code(delete, backspace, just writing, ctr+space menu use...) delphi freezes for about 30 seconds an than all appears normal or in some cases not(restart of delphi needed)... All on allmost default options of coponents. I tried with normal(all stuff) configuration and my configuration (delphi configuration manager) but still the same problem? It's that stability issue of Delphi with extra stuff on it?
Thx for some anwsers.


2009-5-9 10:12 Passion
Oh. Strange.
Similar problem has also been reported by another friends, also under D2005. But we can't find any clue in the trace he sent to us.:L

I guess maybe it caused by Code Input Helper or Source Highlight wizard in CnWizards. Could you try to disable them to check it again?

2009-5-11 18:23 cLuBbY
I tried the combinations of this features(disable/enable) and seems that Source Highlight is the problem... when it was disabled worked all ok.
That's not good, becouse(mostly) of that feature i added the CnWizards :Q

2009-5-11 19:19 Passion
Oh, strange. I suggest to try the Source Highlight settings to check which option cause this trouble. Now it contains Bracket, Keyword, Current Identifier and Draw Lines, could you try them one by one?
The setting dialog is in "CnPack"->"IDE Enhancement"->"Source Highlight".

Thanks, we hope we can find the root cause though it can't be reproduced in my workstation. :handshake

2009-6-18 00:59 wuem
Reply #4 Passion's post

In my IDE its seems the option "enable highlight matched bracket" is freezing option. When i disable this IDE seems work well.



If You need more help to repair this bug pm me.

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2009-6-18 09:37 Passion
OK. I'll check it more.

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