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2009-5-1 01:56 E.Z
Bugs and Suggestions - Update 17/5/2009


I've just installed the latest version of CnWizards (on Delphi7), and I'm very impressed with all the useful features. So first of all I'd like to thank the developers for a great work, and for making it free.

During the first few hours of using CnWizards I discovered some problems, which I hope canbe fixed or improved:
[list=1][*][b][u]Major issue - Some GExperts keys not working[/u][/b]
After installing CnWizards, some (not all) of GExperts shortcut keys do not work.
For example these do not work: Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down/Left/Right, Shift+Alt+C, Shift+Alt+I.
For example these work as before: Ctrl+Alt+Z, Shift+Alt+R.
(Maybe CnWizards can implement those functions from GExperts...)[*][b][u]Minor issue - Line numbers[/u][/b]
The (auto-) width of the gutter is not calculated correctly for bitmap bold font. For example I use a bitmap font called ProggyOptiS, and I set the current line number to show in bold. The regular line numbers display correctly, but for the current line the first digit is not shown. See image below.[*][b][u]Minor issue - Eval Swap[/u][/b]
I write most expressions like this: [b]a:=b;[/b] (no spaces). The Eval Swap features adds spaces, so the result is: [b]b := a;[/b] (with spaces). Not a big problem, but I suggest to keep the spacing and only reverese the expression.[*][b][u]Major issue - Tab Order and forms in RTL-language[/u][/b]
First of all [b]RTL[/b] means [b][u]R[/u][/b]ight [b][u]T[/u][/b]o [b][u]L[/u][/b]eft, for example languages like Hebrew and Arabic that are written from right to left. For such languages all the visual layout of forms is also from right to left.
However the Tab Order feature of CnWizards works only from left to right or top to bottom. There is a "reverse mode" checkbox, but it's not a solution because it reverses both horizontal and vertical order. I suggest one of the following:[list][*]Simple solution - Seperate selection of "reverse mode" for horizontal and vertical.[*]Optimal solution - Use the BiDiMode property of the container control (TForm, TPanel, etc.) to determine the correct order of controls.[/list][/list]Probably I will have more comments as I use CnWizards more.

Thanks again!


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2009-5-1 07:34 Passion
Thanks for your detailed reporting. We'll consider these problems and try to fix or enhance them.

BTW, where's the image about 2? :)

2009-5-1 14:24 E.Z
I'm sorry, forgot to add the image...

Here it is:



2009-5-1 22:05 Passion

About 1, some friends also reported the same problem, but it's hard to investigate for the IDE's internal keybinding mechanism. Now we also don't have good way to deal with the confilicts. You can try to disable or set other short cut to Shift+Alt+C, Shift+Alt+I( I remember they're in our Editor Flat button's Drop down menu).

2/3/4, we've done some fix and enhancement.Please download our latest nightly build version (or later) to verify it?


2009-5-1 22:06 Passion

2009-5-3 23:51 E.Z

I've downloaded and tested the lastest builds (.503 and .504), and here are the results:

[list=1][*]On one computer there's still a problem, on two other computers there's no problem. Probably this is not a CnWizards issue.[*]Almost solved. See image below - the bold number seems left aligned and left pixel is clipped. You can download the font (ProggyOptiS) here:[url=][/url][*]Solved.[*]Solved (I didn't yet try all combinations, but seems to work very nice).[*][b][u]Minor issue - foreground colour of current identifier[/u][/b]
There is a setting for highlighting all instances of current identifier, and another setting for the highlight (background) color. However the foreground color is fixed black. I use a highlight color that is not very bright, so I get black font on a dark background, which is very hard to read. I suggest to add choice of highlight foreground color.[/list]
Thanks for the quick fixes!




Image for issue#2:


2009-5-18 03:09 E.Z
Hi again,

Here's an interesting update on one of the previous issues, and another bug / suggestion:

[list=1][*]Solved! The problem with GExperts keys not working (Ctrl + Alt + Up/Down/Left/Right) is [b][u]not[/u][/b] related to CnWizards. The culprit is Intel video driver, which uses some hot-keys to bring up the settings window, rotate the display, etc. In some configurations the driver uses Ctrl + Alt + Arrows for rotating or flipping the display, so it intercepts those combinations and Delphi never sees them. However the hot-keys feature can be disabled in the driver settings, and then Delphi gets Ctrl + Alt + Arrows and all works well.[*]Almost solved - waiting for update.[*]Solved.[*]Solved.[*]Open.[*][b][u]Comment / UnComment / Toggle Comment when no selected block[/u][/b]
Most of the Code Editor Wizards operate only when a block of text is selected. However the comment-related operations operate on the current line when no block is selected. This is a bit confusing, and it's impossible to have a "single key comment toggle".
For example in Castalia the slash (/) key is used to toggle comment on the selected block. If a block is not selected, then the slash key just inserts a slash character. But with (current) CnWizards if I assign the slash key to Toggle Comment, then I cannot insert the slash character, because it comments the current line (even when a block is not selected).[/list]Thanks,


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2009-5-18 06:42 Passion
2. We're still checking this problem. This font type seems a little strange.
5. Checking.
6. I only can say requirements are so different. :lol In fact, this behavior of CnWizards is the same as BDS IDE itself. When no selection, it will comment/uncomment current line and move cursor tonext line defaultly. CnWizards implements the same function in D7 or below. Maybe we can add another option to control whether processing selection.

2009-5-18 20:16 Passion
2. This font type is not Monospaced Font. If bold, one char will occupy more width than regular. And its position will also changed a little, that's why it looks like left-clipped.

Now we enlarge the gutter width with 1 pixel. We hope it and other fonts all can show correctly.
You can download our to see it, but maybe not obvious.

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