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2009-3-30 02:06 wuem
Delphi 2005 backspace error

Hi again!

Another problem is when i use backspace or delete key in code editor i see error (see the attachment).

2009-3-31 12:44 Passion
Oh. strange problem. I can't see any clue. :L
Did you install the latest update package of D2005?

2009-3-31 20:48 wuem
Reply #2 Passion's post

Yes its strange (this file dosnt egzists in my file system), i think this problem is becouse i use 2005 personal and borland dosnt allow update 2 and 3 for this IDE. Its only when line is empty (if line have some text is ok)

2009-3-31 23:36 Passion
I searched this file name in google and see many users meet this Editor problem under D2005, too.

Maybe has no direct relation with our CnWizards?:)

2009-4-3 18:22 wuem
Its posible but this problem appeared when i install cnWizz, i try debug whith cn debugger but it doesnt show any error.?
O! this is very old bug and its repaired now in Delphi 2009 o_O (Borladn ech...) Thanks for help i must learn how to prevent this bug :/

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