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2009-3-21 03:18 Wolf
Highlight background of current identifier

The "Highlight background of current identifier" feature is really great.

Would it be possible to create a shortcut to turn this feature on/off.

2009-3-21 23:50 Passion
It's defaultly Ctrl+Shift+H, in IDE Enhancement Settings -> Source Highlight Settings Dialog.

If choose Highlight Delay to Hotkey, you can specified the hotkey to show highlight.

2009-3-22 00:10 Wolf
I only referred to the option "Enable Background Highlight Current Identifier at Cursor", would be great to have a separate shortcut for that specific feature.

Or only to highlight the current identifier temporarily after a specified shortcut is pressed (what would be even better).

I don't have this feature on by default because it can slowdown editing or is sometimes a bit annoying, but often I turn it on temporarily because it is very useful to see wherever the current identifier is used. So a quick shortcut to display/highlight the current identifier would be really awesome...

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