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2009-3-17 21:15 swierzbicki
GExperts & CNPack incompatibilities

I’m working with RAD Studio 2007 December Update + GExperts 1.33 Beta 3 + latest CNPack Build.
I have a problem with the GExperts “Hide/Show Non-Visual Components” function. When choosing this function components are hiding but they will appears again until I'll do a mouse click.
This function will work again if I disable CNPack expert.

Can you fix this ?

2009-3-21 17:31 freeman
Are you sure GExperts 1.33 Beta 3  becouse I'm using GExpert but version is GExperts 1.33 Beta 2. I checked web site last version is Beta 2
I didnt see that problem before. I test it a few seconds ago I have NO problem. I clicked it on CNPack, when I click on form, hide all non visual components, I did alott of things in form and in editor, still not showing, I clicked button again on CNPack, and then click to form show all non visual components

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2009-3-24 02:32 Nashev
I have this inconsistence, and i'm using GExperts and cnWisards both, in Delphi 6, but hadn't any ideas about conflict with GExperts %)

Tomorrow I'll check it

UPD: Sorry, not actually this: When i click on cnWisard's button under form's designer that must toggle non-visual components visibility, thay don't change thay visibility until click on any place of the form's designer. Or (!) until second click on this button, but in this case on a next clik on a form, they visibility will be toggled back.

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