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2009-2-9 18:57 delphichem
[Feature Request] Duplicate line(s)

Dear Team, it would be greate if you could provide us a possibility to duplicate line when pressing short cut or clicking a button.
ex: if no line is selected, after pressing shortcut the current line will be duplicated juste after the current line
if mone than one line are selected, pressing the shortcut wil duplicate the block juste after the current line.
I know that there are a combinaison ctrl K B ctrl K K and ctrl K C but this is not what I want
sorry for my bad english.

2009-2-9 21:10 freeman
I think ypu wanna copy and paste. Maybe you can try select text or lines (mouse or keybourd [Shift + Arrow keys]) copy that to clipboard Ctrl + Insert key or ctrl + C (windows editor's short cut keys, you can use actually all windows program) after then paste clipboard Shift + insert key or ctrl + V

2009-2-9 22:27 delphichem
Thank you for your suggestions but I know how to use keyboard and mouse.

This is not what I want in my Request.

There are some editors that do the same thing by pressing F4 for example without using clipboard.

2009-2-9 23:23 Passion
when some text selected in editor, CnWizards will show a flat button. Move mouse to this button to drop down the menu. There's a "duplicate" selected function in edit menu sub item, with the default shortcut Ctrl+Alt+D.

2009-2-10 16:08 delphichem
Thank you very much Passion good continuation

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