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2009-2-7 05:22 Wolf
D2009 and Uses Cleaner

I just upgraded to D2009 and ran into a bug with the excellent "Uses Cleaner" feature.

After I run it in D2009, the whole uses section is replaced with quotation marks. Still works fine in D7, only D2009 has this problem...

Currently I use "CnWizards_0.9.0.478".

2009-2-14 19:51 qmoura
Hello !

I have the same problem.

I can't live without Uses Cleaner!

Please help us! ;)

2009-2-15 11:19 Passion
Oh, we'll check this problem.

2009-2-16 23:52 Passion
Please try our nightly build version? :handshake

2009-2-22 03:36 Wolf
Works perfectly now, thank you very much !!! :loveliness:

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