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2009-2-4 00:20 indysoft
Autocomplete list reloading

Hi Friends!

First of all, I'd like to say a very big thanx to You for letting us use this fantastic plugin for free. It is the best in my opinion. But I have one question. Often, when I compile the project, the plugin rescans the whole project for changes and repopulates the autocomplete list. This occures before compiling and in so many other situations. Can I change these behavior? Is it possible to populate the list only for my request (shortcut of course)? This requires a lot of time for large projects.

TIA:Alex :)

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2009-2-25 19:00 Passion
Sorry for this limitation. Part of our symbol in list come from IDE's internal parser. The re-parser and reloading behavior is done by IDE itself. It's not easy to control it of IDE.

And I think, if do not reload symbols, the content will be inconsistent with current code, which also will bring inconvienence to our coding.:)

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