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2009-1-24 19:30 Henning
[Suggestion] enhanced Code Search

[align=left][size=3]Hello there!

Your CnPack Wizard ist really great!
But I've missed something:
Programming a few months with Delphi 7 I've discovered using the internal search from Borland is hopeless :)
I need something like the Firefox-Search, that marks and colors all matched key-words...
It would be great if CnPack supports a Firefox related code-search!

I've tried to develop such a search-tool with CnPacks Script Wizard, but I didn't discoverd how to color a text-block in the source-code :(


If there is a way to use the CnPack Script Wizard, tell me!
And - sorry for my bad english - I'm just a pupil from Germany.

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2009-1-30 17:52 MaximKorobov
CnWizards does not have exactly the same search bar as in Firefox.

Now you can use (in IDE Enhancements Settings->Source Highlight Enhancements->Code Structure Highlight->Enable Background Highlight Current Identifier at Cursor). When it turn on, you can select some text and Wizard highlight same text in code.

2009-2-2 03:14 Henning
Thank you!
That's it what I was looking for - it's great!

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