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2009-1-8 22:19 B4rT
[Suggestion] Code Folding feature


First of all, thanks for this great Delphi plugin which is really usefull.

There is one missing feature, though (I think).

The missing feature is Code Folding which would allow to fold the code for the whole classes, procedures/functions, loops, comment blocks, etc. into one line.

It could make coding easier so much - espacially for big/long source code files.

Keep up the good work!

Regards. :handshake

??OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build 2600: Service Pack 2)
??CnWizards: CnWizards_D6.dll Ver: Build 2008.12.09
??IDE: ideD602 CSS
??ComCtl32: 5.82.2900.2982

2009-1-11 21:47 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion. In fact, many friends and users have already given this suggestion during these years, but the difficulty of its implementation is very large. We'll say it's better if IDE editor can do this internally, rather than our "Plug-in" style to make "patch" on it.

So in present, we do not have this plan to do this. :L

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