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2009-1-7 05:53 bendeguzz
[Suggestion] Rename variable


First, thank you for this great addon, without it the development would be half as effective as now.

In the latest version I saw the support for renaming variables. It is a very good idea to have such a tool, but unfortunately it is not working as one would expect. I mean that if I have for example three procedures all of them have a variable called "something" and I want to replace the variable at the second procedure, I can't, because all the three will change. However I think it would be better, if that variable would change which is in that specific function/procedure where I am.

Thank you for your answers, and keep up the good work! :handshake

2009-1-7 09:30 Passion
OK, we'll do the enhancement to this function in later versions.

2009-1-8 20:16 B4rT

I think that one should be able to choose if they want to rename globally or in a scope (class, method, etc.)

Regards. :handshake

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