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2009-1-4 20:09 iwancs
Script Library

Hi, i've installed the latest wizard Build 2008.12.09, on delphi 2009.
I've noticed that the script library no longer exists, is it gone or one of my setting accidently disabled. where is the setting? Thanks for the great job on adding current procedure name on code template. I'm still waiting for the implementation of procedure list combobox integrated to the IDE. Thanks

2009-1-5 09:29 Passion
Sorry. Due to the new version of RemObjects Pascal Script engine for Delphi 2009 changed its license, they won't allow other free Software, including CnWizards, use it and re-publish the source. So we had to remove Script wizard in CnWizards for Delphi 2009, only use the old Pascal Script engine, which allowed us to do so.

2009-1-5 10:57 iwancs
Ok, ic, no problem.

Hey i've tried the new Procedure List wizard, and it work exactly as i expected, a toolbar for showing a combobox for current procedure name and we can navigate from them. Very cool, thanks.

Just to put another idea, it would be even better if the procedure list combobox can do increamental search, and not needing us to hit the enter button to begin searching.

I didn't notice the new addition before, but you did a great job. Thanks :D

2009-1-5 11:22 Passion
Due to the limitation of TComboBox itself, we can't implement a good search style like our unit/form list dialog. We'll try to find a new way or a new component to do it. But it will cost sometime.:lol

2009-1-6 10:42 iwancs
It's ok, that's fine, i'm just suggesting, but i've found a bug i think. See the image below. Thebug is that the procedure list combobox failed to read procedure defined inside a procedure.

If you see the image below, i have a procedure called GetFixedWidthData which is inside ExportToBII procedure. If the cursor put in the variable declaration of the ExportToBII procedure, itwill read corectly, and if the cursor put inside the GetFixedWidthData, it also read correctly. But if the cursor is put inside the ExportToBII procedure body, that is below the GetFixedWidthData, it still read the GetFixedWidth procedure.

2009-1-7 20:24 Passion
Yes. It's a bug and can be reproduced. After investigating, it comes from our parsing module of CnWizards. It'll be fixed in next Nightly build version. Thanks.

2009-1-14 10:23 Passion
This bug is already fixed and integrated to 476 build.

And Script Library also can be migrated in to Delphi 2009 in CnWizards' Executable, while Pascalscript source can't be published by CnWizards's source code. For its license allows us to compile it into our CnWizards, though not source distribution. It will be in our 477 build.

2009-1-15 17:34 Passion
D2009's pascal script support has been added to 477. But the source of pascal script for Delphi 2009 is not included in our CVS due to the license limitation.

2009-1-17 06:37 iwancs
Thanks for the update, i'll try it out

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