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2008-12-27 21:03 freeman
[Bug] Prefix Wizard F2 Shortcut

My key map is "IDE Classic key map". F2 short cut is Save file in this map. So Its comfilict with CnWizard Prefix Wizard rename short cut. Bouth doesn't work :(

2008-12-27 23:14 Passion
Oh. We'll check this Key and only use it when no other action used it.

2009-1-14 10:25 Passion
In our latest nightly build, we add a check, if F2 already used, we don't use F2 rename any more.

2009-1-14 17:10 freeman
I installed latest nightly build always :) I useing IDE Classic Key map, I usedto pascal long time ago. Still in IDE Classic key map and F2 and Shift + F2 work default. Means Save = F2, Save All = Shift + F2 :handshake
If its possible Rename and other actions to directly on Menu Item, User can set a shortcut what they want. I'm using gexperts too, its has a "IDE Menu Shortcuts" I changed some IDE short cuts.For example Find Ctrl + F change to "Ctrl + keypad +"

2009-1-15 17:31 Passion
Oh, I think F2 here is just a "fixed" shortcut, like F3 search, or F2 to rename file name in Explorer. If need customization, it's better to set shortcut to Prefix Wizard's menu to process selected component's name.

2009-1-17 21:09 freeman
Yes, F2 mean now "Save" in IDE classic key map. I have a 2 suggestion about this,(F2 to Rename & RePlace Indetifier under cursor In "Editor enhancement wizard settings" )
1- Can you change short cut Key to CTRL + F2  becouse IDE not use this short cut. I tested it in IDE classic & Default key map
2- You can access the count selected Indentifier, So I think you can show thats line in list view or treeview like a Refactoring

2009-1-17 22:18 Passion
Yes. some friends also suggest the shortcut customization of F2 rename Identifier function. We add it in 479 nightly build. You can change the shortcut in Editor Enhancement settings Dialog.

About 2, could you make it more clear? Show all lines that contained specified identifier?

2009-1-18 18:33 freeman
I mean, like a Refactoring in Delphi 2007.
Select any word, after then want to Rename that. for example:
ID : Byte;
I wanna change ID to Caller_ID. and in all project. It can be in 3 Unit. I want to know wich unit, wich line, wich condition. Maybe I wrote locale variable in procedure and I dont want to change it, so I want to delete it from "Will change list"
I wanna see Will change list similar

  102  ID := 1;
  355  if Start_ID = 11 Then begin
  95 if ID=12then begin
  255 ID := 99;
if its be in treeview, first node caption Unit name, chiled note caption line number and condition. So I can understand what will be change.
"355  if Start_ID = 11 Then begin"  if I didnt see this line, I cannot know whats changed. If I'm not remove this lines from "Will change list" its change to "if Start_Caller_ID = 11 Then begin" and this is wrong.

Sorry for my pure english, I hope I could more clear my idea :loveliness:

2009-1-18 18:51 freeman
Very interesting, I installed 479 nightly build. I set rename Identifier function shortcuts to "Ctrl + Shift + W" ( that edit box width is small I can not see W in this exmple) short cut not work in IDE Classic key map. I changed key map to default key map, short cut is worked. after than rechanged to IDE Classic key map, that short cut doesnt work. I tried a few unused shortcut, smilar problem. In Default key map work, In IDE classic key map not working? :o

2009-6-14 19:04 avagames
Great tools, thank you!

Seems that the rename feature doesn't work with classic key map because it checks for F2 shortcut is available (regardless to custom shortcut set).

It starts to work when I disable the classic F2 shortcut using IDE menu shortcuts from GExperts. But I would to set rename variable to different shortcut and use F2 for save.:P

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