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2008-12-24 16:43 freeman
[Suggestion] WhatsNew.txt can add ?

Is it posibble add Whats new in text file ? small info lines, for history and what is changed so we can try & check thats

version x.x.x.x date:xx.xx.xxxx
++ added ....
// Improved
-- deleted

best regards

2008-12-24 18:44 Passion
It's already in our Help file's Appendix -> history. Could you check it?

2008-12-24 19:48 freeman
oops sorry. But I asked for Nightly Build.
Everyday My first job check a few web site. Your project order is second :loveliness: I'm using gexperts too, but I really perfer use your tools. But I usedto gexperts some tools. backup especially. I have no much time so I cannot suggestion on source code, but its on my plan :P And now I just using and looking for bug or testing :)

Best regards

2008-12-28 21:14 Passion
The change logs of Nightly builds can also be checked from our download pages.


As I know, some users use RSS reader to subscribe our nightly build information. Once new nightly build vesion run out, the new version and change log(the same in download page) and the download address is shown in RSS reader.


2008-12-30 17:01 freeman
Thank you very much, I'm always check this page [url][/url] :) its on my bookmarks long time ago:) :handshake

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