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2008-12-3 22:01 freeman
[Suggestion] Procedure List

[list=1][*]Is it possible save height of Content preview?[*]can set content preview font style to IDE editor style ?[*]content preview can show all procedure body ?[/list]Best regards

2008-12-4 12:17 Passion
2.Only can set the font, but not including the hilight style, such as keyword, comment...
3.It will decrease scroll speed if procedure body is too long, we can consider it later.

2008-12-4 22:33 Passion
Please try our 0.9.0 preview 1 ?


2008-12-6 23:15 freeman
Teknk you, I'm tested it just know, its okey. But I think if content preview show all procedure body scroll speed not much decrease or this is idea just.Can be option, Show line number user can set, how many lines want. maybe zero mean show all body.

2008-12-10 16:01 Passion
Now we added an option in but without an option settings dialog.

We need to modify (or add if not exists)

And 0 is not applicable for the body now, for our parsing does not process the whole procedure body, only the process head.:L

2008-12-12 23:08 freeman
Thank you very much its a gread job :handshake :victory:

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