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2008-11-11 20:16 freeman
About Nightly Build

Can add  Nightly Build install file and source file on to because download speed is better

2008-11-11 22:14 Passion
Sourceforge is very slow to us. :L

We can try to put more nightly build versions and source code into sourceforge from now on, but not every builds.:handshake

2008-11-12 10:52 Passion
The latest nightly build is put in SF.

2008-11-12 20:20 freeman
I dont know why but this site is very slow for me accually. I start download yesterday its not finished yet :) I can sent this message in 10 minutes, really. nightly build source not to much importent for me just learn whats going on & learn some tips :) but if its posible put nightly build installer to on Sourceforge its be very good for me

Best regards

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