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2008-11-1 14:13 dandcnpack
ShortCut problem


Assigned ShortCut to any tool from [b]?Source Block Tools?[/b] does not work.
Unassigning ShortCut (for example [color=DarkGreen]try..finally..end[/color] [Alt Shift E]) also does not work —  ShortCut remains working.
I checked it on just installed Delphi 2006, 2009.

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2008-11-8 23:59 Passion
:L Yes. some friends reported this bug before, but hard to fix. We're do some researching on it.

2008-11-10 15:56 dandcnpack
I uncommented two commented rows in  [color=Blue]Source \SrcEditorEnhance \CnSrcEditorCodeWrap.pas[/color]
and ShortCuts start work. Is that right?

[b]procedure [/b]TCnSrcEditorCodeWrapTool.InitMenuItems(AMenu: TMenuItem);
    i_: Integer;

        FMenu := AMenu;

        for i_ := 0 to Items.Count - 1 do
            AddMenuItem(AMenu, Items[i_].Caption, OnMenuItemClick, nil, Items[i_].ShortCut, '', i_);
            [color=Green]// --comment in China-- 2007.12.13 by LiuXiao
            //if (Items[i_].Caption <> '-') and (Items[i_].ShortCut <> 0) then[/color][color=Green][/color]
            [color=Green]//fShortCuts.Add(WizShortCutMgr.Add('', Items[i_].ShortCut, OnShortCut, '', i));[/color]

        AddMenuItem(AMenu, SCnWizConfigCaption, OnConfig);

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2008-11-11 19:09 Passion
Oh, the commented 2 lines are related to another old bug: Random Access Violation after use hotkey to Popup menu. Now we still don't find a way to avoid the bug without modifying here.

But due to the AV bug won't occur every time, we can add the 2 lines to next nightly build version and make the shortcut work. And we'll keep researching to find the way for both OK.:lol

2008-11-11 22:15 Passion
The 460 nightly build of CnWizards put the 2 lines back.
Please try it? [url][/url]

2008-11-13 10:43 dandcnpack

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