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2008-10-17 11:36 davidpn
Turning off editor enhancements

There are some controls added to the top of the editor window that I can't seem to make disappear. They are the "Show units used by the current unit" button, the "jump to interface" and "jump to implementation" buttons, a couple of drop-down combos that I don't know what they do, and a couple of buttons to do with finding matching source?

Any clues as to how to make them disappear?

2008-10-17 14:03 Passion
We'll add a popupmenu to close it quickly at next nightly build version.

Now you can just Press Ctrl+D to show Procedure list dialog and uncheck the "Show Procedure List ToolBar" button at toolbar.:)

2008-10-19 07:49 davidpn
Thanks for the speedy reply!

2008-10-19 10:28 Passion Added this popupmenu. If can, you can download and test it.

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