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2008-9-24 04:28 Thrawn123
Delphi 2009 Support


Is there a current release that supports Delphi 2009?  If not, are there plans for this?

Thank you

2008-9-24 10:33 rarnu
The last nightly build has already support Delphi 2009.

But caused by the bugs of Delphi 2009, it will be unstable.

And I think the FULL RELEASE will still waiting for Delphi 2009 bug fix.

2008-9-24 10:33 Passion
Hi, our latest nightly build version of CnWizards supports D2009 now. But not a public version.

You can download and test it from:


The latest supports 12.0.3170.16989, other version of D2009 maybe can't support.:handshake

2008-9-24 10:34 Passion
Oh, duplicated reply from rarnu and me.:lol

2008-9-24 10:35 rarnu
omg...seems we saw the note same time...

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