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2008-9-18 19:23 MaximKorobov
Source breakpoint highlight suggestion

Source breakpoint highlight suggestion

Delphi 7 have a mistake with highlighting of ordinary and source (condition) breakpoint - its looks exactly the same (just red circle and red line).

What about, for example, showing red circle image with "+" or something else?

P.S.: I know about Breakpoints list (CTRL+ALT+B), but think that in code window it should be useful too.

2008-9-18 23:34 Passion
Sorry but what means "highlighting of ordinary"? I know the source breakpoint line was painted by red line and red circle, but what is the same with it?

2008-9-20 20:05 MaximKorobov
I mean that if breakpoint condition is not empty, it ought to be highlighted with some difference compare to breakpoint with no condition.

2008-9-29 19:47 MaximKorobov
So, is it possible to implement?

2008-10-5 09:15 Passion
Some difficult. In fact, the whole line's background of editor is hard to control. We can't only paint the background, but must paint whole line content with different formats. It's a challenge for CnWizards. :L

2008-10-8 20:19 MaximKorobov
OK. I understand.
Maybe to change Delphi's default red circle with some custom-made icon is easier for You?

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