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2008-9-2 16:44 MaximKorobov
[Bug?] IDE Config Backup/Restore Tool Delphi Detect

I install Delphi 7 to PC via copying files/dirs and regisry keys.
Delphi works fine, but Backup tool can't to understand that IDE Exists.

Maybe it's my mistake cause i don't copy ALL reg keys, but maybe Wizard should search IDE in different way.


2008-9-2 17:05 Passion
We check the reg key value, for example, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Borland\BDS\5.0\App, to determine whether IDE installed and get the Root Directory of Delphi.

Could you check whether it exists? If not, maybe we can't get the IDE installed directory, so disabled.

2008-9-2 17:12 Passion
I think you maybe only copied the key under HKCU, no HKLM? It's not a normal case in Delphi.

But we can consider to add the judgement under HKCU if no HKLM keys exist.

2008-9-3 21:01 Passion
Please download our latest Nightly build version to verify it?


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