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2008-9-2 09:06 LiteApps
[BUG] Hogs the CPU

Hi everyone, congratulations for the awesome CnWizards.

I just wanted to report a small bug. If you switch from form to text mode (by pressing Alt+F12, for example), wait a few seconds, and switch back to the form, CnWizards hogs the CPU and won't release it until Delphi is closed. This is easily noticeable if you open the task manager and look at the Performance tab.

Confirmed on Delphi 5 with CnWizards build 430 and build 439.


2008-9-2 10:19 Passion
Thanks for reporting. But it's not easy to reproduce it on my workstation. Is it related to a certain form, or all forms, even just a blank form?

2008-9-2 21:03 LiteApps
Thanks. I just tried to reproduce it on a Win2K virtual machine and it didn't happen, however on my Win2K3 machine it happens every time on every form, even without any other third party stuff installed... I will keep investigating.

2008-9-2 23:57 Passion
We'll find a win2003 environment to check this problem.

2008-9-3 11:29 shenloqi
I tested it with D2009/D2007/D7 in Windows 2003, and I can not reproduce the issue.
I think maybe the issue is related to some device drivers, AIK, some logic device drivers and other printer drivers can let Delphi's IDE consume lots CPU time.

2008-9-4 00:17 LiteApps
To reduce the possibility of conflicts I restarted in safe mode, no other processes or unnecessary drivers running, and it still happens. Very weird...

UPDATE: It only happens with CnWizards and with ModelMaker Code Explorer 5.13 (any of them). If I disable both, it doesn't happen.

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2008-9-4 12:23 Passion
Oh, sounds weird.:L

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