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2018-3-26 16:24 ukrainian
CodeCompletion drop-down menu did not work with shortcut

Since I use CnWizard, I cannot popup CnWizard CodeCompletion menu with shortcut(Alt+Space). When I use Alt+Space(or other custom shortcut) it always popup RAD Studio(Delphi) CodeCompletion menu whatever I use Ctrl+Space(Delphi shortcut). The only way when the correct menu is shown is when I use Alt+Num2. How can I popup CnWizard drop-down menu for CodeCompletion with my custom shortcur(even with default Alt+Space)? I like very much Your menu and all feature, which standard Delphi menu does not have!

I found that there is some difference between CodeCompletion and Code Input Helper, so I config it and now I use in most case only Code Input helper popup menu. So topic is closed for me.

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2018-4-4 11:17 Passion
Nice. :lol:

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