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2017-8-2 17:17 freeman
Editor line number error

some times I get error while closeing application, sometime just form.
I attacehd screenshot. Black rectangle area is line number place, after click to ok button of error message, work normal, but more often same error creation. acually whlie closeing. IDE closeing as well

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2017-8-4 19:01 Passion
Could you paste the full stack information here?

2017-8-4 23:59 freeman
[111CF7DE]{CnWizards_D102T.dll} Unknown function at INITWIZARD0001 + $CA1EE

2017-11-24 11:13 Passion
This line seems a CnWizards Hook and no other clues. Could you paste the full stack to let me check whether it comes from a painting action?

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