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2008-8-11 21:27 jac2jac2
Suggestion & suggestion e-mail address not working

Hi, fantastic tools, use them every day on my D7 install.  Thanks

I was looking at the bookmark browser and thought of 2 things:
1) I use bookmarks when going through code, so it would be good to have a button to set "next bookmark" is it set the next available bookmark for this unit.
2) In the bookmark viewer, add dateTime for when the bookmark was created, then you could sort so that the last bookmark created was at the bottom / top.

I used the suggest button, but got:
    all relevant MX records point to non-existent hosts or (invalidly) to IP addresses

from my SMTP server.

Regards & thanks again.


2008-9-2 23:57 Passion
OK. We'll consider this requirement.:)

Sorry for late reply.

2008-9-6 01:30 Passion
In our latest nightly build or later, we'll add a Pascal script demo in PSDemo directory, named setbookmark.pas. It can be run in CnWizards's script window and find next avaliable bookmark and set it.

Please download and verify it when 442 is published?


2008-9-10 09:56 Passion
Nightly build 442 published. You can run the SetBookmark.pas in PSDemo directory in Script Window.

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