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2008-8-8 22:45 MaximKorobov
REQUEST/QUESTION about Wizard Loader

Is it possible to turn off CNPack Wizard Loader (and load, for example, all Experts), which is shown always on Delphi start?

If yes - please, tell me, how?
If no - this is my request :)

2008-8-9 11:33 Passion
Do you means the loader is a CnWizards function list to choose?

In our command line settings, If -swcn used in Delphi parameter, A CnWizards Startup window will be shown for debugging when IDE starting. It allows you to select wizards which need to be created. Pressing Shift in IDE starting can do the same thing.

Defaultly it should not appear when start Delphi normally. If always shown and no -swcn parameter specified, it should be a bug.:L

2008-8-12 20:43 MaximKorobov
Oh. I found what's the problem.
I always hold down CTRL and SHIFT button when i start Delphi to see Delphi Developers photo (easter egg).
So, since SHIFT pressed, CnWizards Startup window shown :)
Info: [url][/url] (egg N5)

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