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2008-8-8 18:33 MaximKorobov
REQUEST: Current Line Highlight

When IDE editor is focused, current line of code highlight's by

I found such option in HomeSite Editor (it names as "Outline Current Line") and it looks like this:



I think that there is very useful.

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2008-8-9 11:41 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion. In fact, we considered this requirement before, but due to IDE's limitation, it's not so easy to draw the background color "transparently" under IDE chars.

We'll try to do some researching  to find a practicable way to implement it.

2008-8-11 22:19 MaximKorobov
Hm. Stange to read that feature is not easy to implement cause you already do it such for "Lines and Structure Background Highlight" in the last release.

2008-8-11 23:19 Passion
The style of a Keyword is simple(bold or color), we can just fill the rect and re-textout it. But for the whole line, it's not easy to re-parse the line text to get to know what should be painted as bold, what to be symbol or comment. So hard to re-paint them.

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