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2008-7-16 23:26 Edelcom
Version number of nightly builds

I too use daily builds of project I'm developing and projects I'm writing.
Just as a suggestion: I use as last digit the following format:
8198 = year + day of year
This gaurantees a unique buildnumber each day, and it shows me (for all me executables exact in which year and on which day the program was generated). I used to use the auto increment of build number, but this produces meaningless numbers.

2008-7-22 22:29 Passion
Seems RAD Studio 2007 and some other similiar product use this rule to name its version number, too?

2008-7-30 18:22 Edelcom
Sorry for the late reply. I was out for a small holiday.

I don't know about the other products and I haven't used the RAD Studio 2007, yet.

I just needed a way to be able to work on executables each day, giving a select few of users daily builds, with the ability to retain previous versions. It just seemed much more logical than incrementing numbers which does not mean a thing.

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