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2008-7-16 22:44 braytiner
Some Requests and Suggestions

Hi! I'm using CnWizards and would thank for this great tool!

I would like suggest some features:

- The bookmark browser only shows the bookmarks when the unit is open (can show even when the units is closed)

- Add a project statistics (like Castalia) where shows the wasted time in:
  - Editing Code
  - Object Inspector
  - Form Designer

- The Nightly Build page can a RSS page (I use Google Reader and updates in this mode is very efficient.

PS: Sorry for my english, I'm from Brazil.

2008-7-17 09:57 Passion
For nightly build rss problem, we already has a link at left side, with an XML icon. It's link is


We'll change an RSS icon instead of XML to make it more attractive. :lol

2008-7-17 20:53 braytiner
Sorry, I didn't see the icon... Added to my feeds.

And the other features? Theres a plain to add?


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