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2008-6-23 19:42 nico42
Source highlight bugs and suggestions


the new source highlighting enhancement is great! Thanks a lot for this, I love it!
However, I found a few small bugs:

[list=1][*]If the cursor is positioned on an "if" or "then" keyword an associated "else" is not highlighted.[*]If the cursor is positioned on the first letter of a keyword (e.g. the "b" of "begin"), the keyword's background and it's corresponding counterpart's background are not highlighted.[*]The "else" of a "case" clause is not highlighted.[*]The "except" or "finally" keywords of an exception block are not highlighted.[*]Highlight matching brackets seems to have no effect.[/list]I use Build 2008.06.22 with Delphi 2007.

A few suggestions:

If a code block like "if...then" or "for/" is background highlighted, you optionally might want to include a following "begin/end" or "try/except/finally/end" in the background highlight. Although technically those are not part of the original block, it would greatly enhance the source highlight feature by showing the true extend of the block.

If the cursor resides over a procedure or function name you should optionally background highlight the "begin/asm...end" block of the procedure.

You should add more configuration options to the vertical line between the keywords. I would like to have them a little bit "thinner" (color-blended into the background color of the editor) or maybe dotted or dashed.

Keep up the good work!


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2008-6-24 08:56 Passion
Thanks for your suggestion. In fact, 1, 3, 4 are known bugs since this highlight function comes out. It comes from our "unreasonable" design and parsing, which will cause some trouble to reflectoring. We'll spend some time to do it once we have time.

About 2, it's a small bug, we can try to enhance it.
About 5, the bracket will be match when cursor is AT one bracket defaulty, not between them. Certainly, an options can be selected to highlight brackets when cursor is between them. Now it seems this option can not work in BDS.:LWe'll check it.

2008-6-24 09:15 Passion
In 397, the bracket match function of CnWizards is disabled. The highlight comes from BDS's own. It does not highlight bracket when cursor is between brackets.

We can try to enhance it to match when BETWEEN.

2008-6-24 20:26 Passion
About 2,5, Please try 398?

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