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2008-6-20 14:00 hsg
Problem with Highlighting in BDS

Sorry, when this post is twice, but i can't see my post from yesterday, so i repost it.

When source are enclosed between {$REGION} and {$ENDREGION}, and this block is collapsed, then you parse the source of this block allthought and paint the result on the screen. The screenshot show the result....

I love the highlighting! You make really a very good work! [img][/img]

2008-6-20 14:06 Passion
Yes. Currently our nightly build version do not support line elide.

We're researching a way to implement correct highlighting when line elided.

2008-6-20 15:57 Passion
And I removed the duplicated one.

2008-6-21 22:13 Passion
Please try our 396 nightly build version?:)

2008-6-24 13:37 hsg
thx a lot! with 397 it's working with some minor bugs.

Sometimes are missing a repaint, (for example after collapsing all methods).

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