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2008-6-16 13:44 iwancs
REQ: Get Current Procedure / Function Name

I would like to have a code editor tools that will write current procudure / function name at the cursor position. Can it be done? Thanks

2008-6-16 14:12 Passion
Our procedure list seems can do it. When press Ctrl+D to show the dialog, current procedure/fucntion is the selected one.

2008-6-25 16:21 iwancs
It's not what i want, i just want the current procedure / function name to be type in the editor automatically.


2008-7-5 14:58 iwancs
Let me add some more info, i want to have a macro to insert current procedure, currently you have a macro to insert next procedure, can we have macro for current procedure?

2008-7-5 22:29 Passion
I know your requirement. These days we're busy in coding and testing the new features about structured code highlight with drawing lines. So your requirement has a relatively low piority.:lol

2008-7-6 08:54 iwancs
It's ok, i understand that, just to let you know what i wish. Thanks
Oh yeah some time i got List Out Of Index error, it happen randomly, don't know what caused them. Thanks.

I'll take a look to ur new feature, quite cool and handy, but dunno about performance. I've turn off the current structure highlight cause of performance issue, in my D7, sometime it works, but most of the time the structure highlight won't work, i guess that's because my unit is having a long line of code.

I've seen the new feature you build in code rush, it quite handy, but i hope it performes good too.

Keep the good job guys, thanks again


2008-7-12 21:12 Passion
About the performance issue of structure highlight and draw line, we tested our CnWizards in our environment. If the unit is less than 30 thousand line, it seems our feature brings not much effect to IDE editors. (Maybe different result in different workstations due to different hardware ;-)

In our 412 unstable version of CnWizards, we add a Demo Pascal Script "CurrentProc.pas" in PSDemo directory. You can add it to our script library and assign a shortcut to it. And press the shortcut when in editor. It can parse current source and get current procedure/function name and insert it into the Editor's current position.

2008-7-18 09:14 iwancs
Great, that's what i want to know, i know that u have script, but i couldn't find the command to get current procedure. Thanks, i'll take a look for the demo.


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