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2008-6-14 03:32 arthurprs
cool features on the 8.4 nightbuilds :D

i really liked the new lines on the struct hightlight :victory:

something different at start and at the end of the line? {example : [img][/img]}

hugs from brazil! :)


2008-6-24 09:16 Passion
Thanks. but we just want to make it simple...

2008-7-4 11:23 arthurprs
I downloaded the last NightBuild, i could not find any bugs on the structure lines,
and i think


should look better than


2008-7-4 15:02 Passion
Below is our "[" at line end. :lol
Any suggestion?

2008-7-4 22:16 arthurprs
the [ really looks ugly :S, are you guys painting the "[" char or painting or some lines on the canvas?

2008-7-5 06:55 Passion
NOT painting a [ char, just lines.

Yes. Many users also feels so. :L  We change it in 407 nightly build version.

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