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2008-6-13 17:04 Marius
Editor annoyance -> UpdateAutoHide

In delphi7 i'm using the fullscreen editor a lot and the editor enhancements of cnpack is a real annoyance when it tries to bring the IDE main form to the top. Disabling TCnEditorZoomFullScreen.UpdateAutoHide in the unit CnEditorZoomFullScreen was the answer to stop this very irritating behaviour.

Is there a setting somewhere in the option to avoid this behavious (i was unable to find it) and if not, would it be possible to add this to the configuration of the editor configuration settings in the next release of cnpack?


2008-6-13 17:15 Passion
Sorry for inconvinience.

The settings is in "CnPack" menu, Code Editor Wizard, Options, Select "Editor FullScreen Swithch", and Uncheck "Auto Hide/Show Mainform"

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