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2008-5-28 00:42 Frank
Source Code Compare

Hi Team,

first of all, thanks for this great tool.
I used the CnWizards since 4 days and I test some of the features.
Today I try the Source Code Compare and I noticed that in left window with the editor source the
german special characters (german Umlaut like ?,ü,? etc.) are not correct in the right window with
the source from disk they diplayed correct.
So if you compare you get a wrong result for those lines.

Maybe you can fix this little problem.

I forget my enviroment: Windows XP SP3 Delphi 2007 professional with all SP (both german).

Best Regards


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2008-6-16 21:09 Passion
Could you send us an example file? Upload here, or send to master at

We tested a file containing some chinese characters, but seems OK in our enviroment.

2008-7-11 19:44 Frank
Here is a File with some german characters.
I have just tested with the actual build and the problem still exists.
On my older Workstation with Windows 2000 and Delphi7 no Problem.

Best Regards


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