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2008-5-6 08:29 klemm
[REQ] lock ide toolbars


Would it be possible to lock ide toolbar positions (like in IE or windows taskbar)?
For example, some times i miss when i try to click run button and click on toolbar instead. This will cause toolbar to float. It is very difficult to put toolbar back in correct place once it is floating. Floating ide toolbars is a pointless feature.. no, not feature - annoyance.

Is anyone else feeling the same way?
I'm using D7


2008-5-6 09:05 Passion
Nice suggestion!

We'll do some research to check its feasibility.

2008-5-8 10:05 Passion
It seems no normal way to disable band dragging of TControlBar.

But hooking TControlbar.MouseDown maybe works...

2008-5-8 20:41 Passion
We add the draft implmenentation in 380 nightly build version.
Please download and test it?:handshake

The option is in?IDE?main?form?Enhancement.

2008-5-11 08:54 klemm


2008-5-11 13:16 Passion
We'll add a menu item at the ControlBar's popupmenu.

2008-5-11 19:40 Passion is ready for this menu item.

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