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2008-4-8 00:45 klemm
bookmark not saved


I found another small bug ;)

Bookmarks are not saved when unit file is closed because package (dpk) is closed.

Also, could you make an option somewhere to keep open units even when package is closed (change default IDE behaviour)?
I find it very annoying when testing new packages.


2008-4-8 14:51 Passion
Oh, a strange problem. We checked and traced.
In normal case, we can get the bookmark information from the EditView of pas when closing, but the EditView has been closed when we get the pas closed notification from IDE when close dpk.(NOT when dpr).

The abnormal behaviour of IDE brings some troubles. We're trying to find a way.:L

2008-4-8 23:41 Passion
We find another way of notify-type from IDE and try to fix this bug.
Please download the version to verify it?:handshake

2008-4-9 00:04 klemm
Appears to be working.

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