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2008-1-26 10:55 klemm
[Bug] D7 crash with code input helper enabled


I'm using latest version. Some times D7 closes instantly without any exception messages. For long time i did not know what was causing it, then i thought of disabling "Code Input Helper" IDE wizard. And the problem has not occurred since. I'm now downloading debug version to try and give you more info.


2008-1-26 21:42 Passion
Oh, a serious bug. No clue about it. Hope can got information from you. thanks. :)

2008-1-28 07:15 klemm
Huh, it's been two days and no crash with the debug version :-/

I'll get back to you as soon as i have anything to report.

2008-1-28 09:08 Passion
Is it the latest nightly build version

2008-1-28 23:13 klemm
No, i was using latest stable - V0.8.2.356. Now i'm running debug version V0.8.2.357. I'll send you xml log as soon as it happens agan. No luck so far..

2008-1-29 12:16 klemm
Crashed finally.. i have sent email with log to [email][/email].

2008-1-29 13:29 Passion
OK. I'll check it.:)

2008-1-30 09:05 Passion
from the trace, it seems the crash comes from our source highlight part.
Could you disable this wizard and try again to check whether crash happen or not? If we can limit this bug in a single wizard range, it will help us to resolve this problem.

2008-1-30 09:09 klemm
ok, will do.

2008-2-1 13:00 klemm
Has not crashed yet after disabling source highlight.

2008-2-14 09:27 Passion
Sorry for late reply. These days we're in Spring Festival Holidays of Rat 2008, the Chinese traditional festival of lunar calendar.

It should be a bug of Source highlight, we'll try to fix it.
For any fix, maybe we need your help to verify it to check whether it's OK, because we can't reproduce this problem in our environment.:)

2008-2-22 09:38 klemm
Will do.
I kind of miss the highlight.. can't wait to be able to turn it back on :)

2008-3-11 21:48 Passion
Hi, we just fixed a bug in Source highlight and build a new nightly version.

Could you help to download and verify it?



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