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2008-1-18 21:21 Mike_Padilla
How to roll back upgrade to current version

All of my development do not compile with the current installation of the cnwizards.  How do you uninstall or roll back to the previous version.  I have multiple machines and I have not installed in the other machine and the software compile fine.  Delphi currently issues out fatal error messages that it cannot find the file or there are unidentifed identifers within some of Delphi's libraries.


2008-1-18 23:45 Passion
From [url][/url] Download column, you can get the old versions of CnWizards.

And at Nightly build, you also can get the latest unstable version of CnWizards.

What's more important to us is, why CnWizards makes your projects can't be compiled? Any more information about it?:L

2008-1-19 10:39 Mike_Padilla
Roll back

I have old copies of the previously installed cn wizards.  I can just reinstall the old cnwizards?  I can send you a snapshot of the screen if you would like.

Mike Padilla

2008-1-19 13:27 Passion
Yes. Can just re-install.


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