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2008-1-15 08:23 cnpackfan
[REQ] ShortCut for "Goto Implementation/Declaration"

Hello Passion,

via the Procedure List it's possible to jump to the method implementation. That even works with BDS2006/C++Builder,
really great.
Is it possible to add two Shortcuts
- for jumping to the method implementation of an selected method
- for jumping to the method declaration of an selected method (C++Builder: Header-Window)
in the Source/Header-Window?

Additional sometimes it would be useful to jump to the method declaration via the Procedure List.
And maybe support of the Procedure List in the Header-Window?

Is it possible that the Procedure List is shown as non-modal dialog?

Thanks and greetings

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2008-2-28 20:30 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

any news concerning that request?

Thanks and greetings

2008-3-11 21:56 Passion
well, truely says, it's not easy...:L

Anyway, ctrl+click can help it.:lol  

There'll be some performance problem if we change Procedure List to non-modal.

Procedure List should have supported the h file, but for h file does not containing function implementation in most cases, Procedure List shows nothing.

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