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2008-1-8 16:53 cnpackfan
[REQ] Breakpoint Browser/Wizard


is it possible to add something like a  Breakpoint Browser/Wizard in a timely manner?
Just want to save and load the Breakpoint-settings of a Project. Working with BDS2006, so
supporting that IDE would be sufficient for tests.

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-8 17:15 Passion
Similiar like Bookmark Browser's auto loading and saving function? We can consider this.:)

2008-1-8 19:40 cnpackfan
Hallo again Passion,

yep, excatly - when?

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-8 23:01 Passion
I'll create a Task ticket in our CVS Trac to describe it.

2008-1-10 03:55 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

very usefull would be an export/import-functionality.

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-10 10:33 Passion
Hi, Udo

We just checked and discussed this requirment. But we think there's already an Option in IDE to load and save breakpoints information with Project it self. This option is in Environment Options Dialog -> Preference Page -> Project desktop checkbox.

If this checkbox is checked, a *.dsk file will be saved with the project file. It also contains the breakpoint information, which can be also loaded/saved automatically.

2008-1-11 18:50 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

yes, you are right that the Breakponits are saved in the *.dsk-file -  but that doesn't work reliable
with my BDS2006. I even can't load a new project, I must always kill BDS2006 and restart it.
And when I kill BDS2006, there is no *.dsk-file saved.

Apart from that you will be able to load different stets of breakpoints - unbelievable possibilities!

Thanks and greetings

2008-2-7 01:47 cnpackfan
Hello again Passion,

any chance?

Thanks and greetings

2008-2-14 09:19 Passion
Sorry for late reply. These days we're in Spring Festival Holidays of Rat 2008, the Chinese traditional festival of lunar calendar.

I think that your request comes from the unstablility of BDS 2006. In some means it's not a normal situation, or we can say it's borland/codegear's responsibility to fix it. Cnwizards can not play this role well. :)

Notwithstanding this reason, we'll try to find a way to export/load breakpoints in IDE. It maybe using our Script wizard. Please wait...:handshake

2008-2-17 22:33 Passion
Please check the new nightly-build version 364? Your request can be done by writing Pascal Script.

In this version, we add 2 demos of Pascal Script. You can see them in PSDemo directory of CnWizards installation directory.

Open Script Window and open the Demo files(GetBreakPt.pas/SetBreakPt.pas), you can see how to get/set breakpoints information. Then you can write a new Script to save them to an customized file and load it.

Any questions, welcome to discuss.:)

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