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2008-1-1 20:03 cnpackfan Form-Design ToolButtons sticking/URGENT: Auto-Saving Comp. Wiz. Set.

Hello all and Passion,

first of all a happy good new year - and of course health!
What you have done so far with CnPack is really great.

Concerning the new Build 2007.12.31 two problems:
- Form-DesignToolButtons sticking on main monitor
  This is a new problem. I'm using multiple monitors. When I move
  the Form to another monitor during designing, the surrounding
  ToolButtons are not moved with the Form, but sticked at the
  boundaries of the main monitor.

- Auto-Saving Component Wizard Settings still doesn't work
  See my topic BDS2006: (Auto-)Saving Component Wizard Settings
  > Hello all,

  > my BDS2006-IDE is extemly instable, that means that I can't exit theIDE normally. Usually I must kill the process, even for loading newprojectgroups.
  > Unfortunately new Prefixes are then lost. Therefore  Iwant to ask whether there is an convenient way to save the settings (Imean not making an
  > export), or much better whether something like (anoptionally) autosave-feature can be added?

  Passion, you mentioned a bug fix, but I don't think it's working.
  What I really need n o w (URGENT, problem pending since August!!) is that the Prefixes are saved when OK is pressed in the "Modify Prefix"-Dialog.

Thanks so far and greetings

2008-1-2 01:04 Passion
OK. Thanks for your reporting. I'll try to investigate them quickly.

2008-1-2 01:12 Passion
About the first problem: Toolbar sticking in Main Monotor. It comes from a user request to limit toolbar in screen. So we add the boundary. But unfortunately we did not consider the multi-monitor situation as you meet. We'll try to fix it.

??And maybe we need some help from you to correc and verify it for we do not have multi-monitors. :)

  In our implementation, we limit the toolbars in a Rectangle(0, 0, Screen.Width, Screen.Height). It means in main monitor, not for multi-monitor. I think it should be change to (0, 0, Screen.DesktopWidth, Screen.DesktopHeight). We'll modifiy our code as this and build a nightly version later. Please help us to verify it once it comes out?

  About 2nd problem: Prefix saving. Could you help to check the file:"C:\Program Files\CnPack\CnWizards\User\Prefix.ini" (or in your customized installation directory of CnWizards) after you press OK button in prefix settings dialog?

I think it should be saved and changed after presing OK, not until IDE exits. If it does not changed, it should be a bug here.

2008-1-2 12:29 Passion
We build a new nighly version, please download an verify the problems to check whether they disappears?:loveliness:


2008-1-3 01:28 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

many thanks for your really fast support (realtime).
1. Solved: Prefix saving, seems to work. Further tests will follow
2. Partly solved: Multi-Monitor-Support. Works on all monitors
                       right of the Main Monitor, but not
                       - left
                       - above
                       - below (not tested)

Thanks so far and greetings

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2008-1-3 16:43 Passion
About Multi-monitors problem of right-ok-but-left-above-not-ok, I found I just make a mistake to think the coordinate of Left/Top is 0, 0, but it can be nagative actually. I'll modify them in next nightly build version of CnWizards.:loveliness:

2008-1-3 22:18 Passion
We build a nightly build version.
Please re-check the Monitors Boundary Problem?:)

2008-1-5 06:44 cnpackfan
Hello again Passion.

same problem with version nightly build.

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-5 10:08 Passion
Oh, strange.

Could you help us to get the values in your environment? We need to get each monitor's coordinate and size.

Could you help to run these code and tell us the result? We do not have multi monitors. :L

  for I := 0 to Screen.MonitorCount - 1 do

2008-1-6 04:32 cnpackfan
Hello again Passion,

just send you an e-mail. Pls. confirm when you get it!

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-6 11:13 Passion
OK. I just read and reply your mail. But our mail server said maybe delivery failure. :Q

Could you also help to get the values of Screen.DesktopHeight and Screen.DesktopWidth? I just found we maybe need them, too.

2008-1-8 20:38 Passion
I think this problem should have been resolved in, could you help to verify it?:)

2008-1-8 22:37 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

I really missed you answer, because I forgot to click at page 2!
Didn't get your e-mail up to now.

Will try the new version, just downloading.

Thanks and greetings

2008-1-8 22:57 Passion
Oh, Now I changed the reply count from 10 to 20 in one page. It's easier to see them.:lol

2008-1-12 05:37 cnpackfan
Hello Passion,

the bugfix in CnWizards_0.8.2.361_Unstable works, problem solved now.

Many thanks and greetings

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